Patients now have more options than ever for accessing plant-based health online. Whether it’s speaking to a health professional virtually, on the phone or visiting a physical clinic, patients can choose a format that suits their needs. myeden gives patients access to a network of independent plant-based doctors in Australia for phone and video consults. What’s the difference between booking a consult with an independent health professional and an independent clinic? 

What is a doctor network? 

An doctor network is a practitioner who operates outside of a traditional clinical setting. They might work from a home office, a shared workspace or via online health platforms like myeden. Being independent means they don’t have ties to a specific medical institution, giving them more flexibility in their practice. This often allows them to have a more personalised and brand agnostic approach, as they might not be bound by institutional policies or practices. 

What is an independent clinic? 

Contrary to an doctor network, an independent clinic refers to a medical establishment that functions outside of the larger system. While it may house multiple health professionals, they typically have a shared vision or specialisation. Independent clinics might be general in nature or focus on a specific area of medicine. They often have more resources compared to a solo practitioner, such as support staff, equipment, and varied expertise under one roof. 

How does myeden work? 

myeden gives you access to a network of experts in plant-based therapy with judgement-free doctor consults. For eligible patients with a prescription, myeden offers seamless script management and convenient medicine delivery – all from one place. Book a consult with one of myeden’s hand-picked doctor networks or clinics. If you’re deemed eligible for prescription plant-based medicine by your doctor, you can order online from myeden and have your order delivered to your door. 

If you have a consult with an doctor network, it typically takes up to two business days for your script to be automatically uploaded to your myeden account. If you have a consult with an independent clinic, you will need to upload your script to your account. 

What if I want to go to my own doctor? 

At myeden, we understand and respect the bond and trust patients build with their health professionals over time. If you prefer to continue your care with a local doctor, that’s entirely your decision. The beauty of telehealth and medicine delivery is flexibility. You can integrate these modern services with your existing care regime. If you’re deemed eligible for prescription plant-based medicine by your local doctor, you can upload a plant-based medicine script from your doctor to myeden and track medicine delivery to your door. 

Ready to learn more about plant-based medicine? Book a consult with an doctor network or clinic to discuss plant-based medicine. 

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