myeden’s online doctor consults are designed to be simple so more patients can access easy and affordable ways to take care of themselves with plant-based meds. Here’s a snapshot of what our streamlined process looks like for medicinal cannabis patients in Australia. 

Medicinal cannabis eligibility screening 

When you create a myeden account, you’ll be asked a series of questions to check your eligibility for medicinal cannabis and plant-based medicine. The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) regulates medicinal cannabis in Australia. It requires eligible patients to have a chronic medical condition with more than three months of symptoms that conventional medicines have failed to treat. You’ll be asked: 

  • Do you suffer from a chronic health condition that has lasted more than 3 months? 
  • Have you tried conventional treatments for your condition? 
  • Do you reside in Australia? 

Build your health profile 

Before we connect you with a myeden doctor, we need to get to know you a little better. Building your health profile will help us understand the main medical conditions you are looking to treat with medicinal cannabis. Once that’s all sorted, you can book a consult with a myeden doctor to understand which plant-based products might be prescribed for someone with your unique medical profile. 

Online consultation with a prescribing doctor 

Your initial online consult with a myeden doctor typically lasts 30 minutes. You’ll discuss your medical history, chronic condition, and any treatments you’ve used to treat the condition. This is a great opportunity to have an honest conversation about what has or hasn’t worked and any adverse reactions you’ve experienced. It’s essential that the doctor understands anything you’re currently taking as it may interact with medical cannabis or any plant-based meds in your treatment plan. Once all your questions have been answered, your doctor will decide what products may be right for you, and in what dose. 

Prescription, dispensing and delivery 

If your doctor believes that medicinal cannabis could be right for you, they’ll issue a prescription and you’ll be able to upload your script to myeden to easily order and track your plant-based meds. After ordering, your plant-based meds will be dispensed in discreet packaging and delivered directly to your door. 

Follow-up telehealth appointment 

You’ll be due for a follow-up consultation six to eight weeks after your initial appointment, unless your doctor suggests an earlier appointment. During this follow-up online doctor consult, your doctor will check in with you about how the prescribed medicine has been working. They will decide if they need to make any changes to your prescription, like adjusting the strain or dosage.

From our garden to your doorstep, myeden is taking an alternative approach to healthcare. Connect with a prescribing doctor now. 

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