What if managing your health was as simple as a couple of taps on your smartphone? Welcome to myeden’s world of good where we’ve combined the convenience of online consults with streamlined script management and medication delivery, all in one handy place. Here’s how we’re making managing your health easier. 

Convenient healthcare 

Imagine the ease of having a consult, managing your script and getting medicinal products – all without leaving home. By combining script management and telehealth services, we’ve designed a more seamless experience, so you don’t have to travel to medical centres and pharmacies and waste time in waiting rooms. Get your scripts and repeats faster and start taking care of yourself sooner. 

Medication adherence  

Our network of independent health professionals tailor treatment plans to each patient’s needs through online consults, while script management makes sure the right medicine is delivered at the right time. Affordable follow-up consultations make it easier to have a regular check-in with a doctor of your choice (the same health professional you had the initial consult with, or someone different) so you can adjust the dosage if needed.

Greater accessibility 

Everyone deserves access to quality healthcare, and we’re proud to make healthcare accessible to those in remote locations or those with mobility challenges. Being able to choose phone or online consults, and managing scripts on the go, also makes it easier for busy parents juggling family routines. With our script renewal options, you don’t need to have another consult to fill your script once your medicine runs out. 

Online consults bring affordable, easy healthcare right to your home. Connect with a health professional wherever you are. 

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