With so many health providers offering online consults and natural therapies, navigating the world of plant-based medicine can be overwhelming. What sets myeden apart? 

Straightforward access 

We offer straightforward access to a network of experts in plant-based therapy, streamlining the process for both first-time patients and those returning for ongoing treatment. With affordable follow-ups, we’re making plant-based care within reach for eligible patients.

Safe space 

While plant-based medicine treatments still face stigma in a lot of healthcare spaces, we’re creating judgement-free zones with a network of plant-based medicine experts so you can make informed choices. The details of your care are kept strictly between you and the health professional you consult with – it won’t be passed onto your GP unless you ask for it to be shared.

Streamlined care 

By combining script management and telehealth on one platform, we’ve designed a seamless experience to make taking care of yourself easier. With online consults and home delivery, you can get your health on track from home without needing to juggle doctor’s appointments and script collection. 

Book an online consult to discuss plant-based options. 

Image Credit: Hunter

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