With so many health providers offering online consults and natural therapies, navigating the world of plant-based medicine can be overwhelming. What sets myeden apart? 

Straightforward access 

Plant-based therapies should be easily accessible to all who can benefit from them. We offer straightforward access to a network of independent plant-based medicine prescribers and clinics, streamlining the process for both first-time patients and those returning for ongoing treatment. With $19 follow-ups, we’re making plant-based care affordable and within reach for everyone. 

Brand agnostic 

We’re about finding what works for you, not pushing our own goods. Brand agnostic is our motto. We believe in empowering patients to make informed decisions about their health, which is why we have a brand agnostic approach, providing information on a wide range of options, products, strains and consumption methods. 

Safe space 

While medicinal cannabis treatments still face stigma in a lot of healthcare spaces, we’re creating judgement-free zones with a network of plant-based medicine prescribers so you can have informed discussions with a doctor who gets it. The details of your care are kept strictly between you and the health professional you consult with – it won’t be passed onto your GP unless you ask for it to be shared. 

Consistent quality 

Not all plant therapies are created equal. Leave it to the experts to create plant consistency so you can expect the same calibre every single time. We hold our suppliers to the highest standards so that our patients receive the same exceptional care each time they turn to us. 

Streamlined care 

By combining script management and telehealth on one platform, we’ve designed a seamless experience to make taking care of yourself easier. With online consults and home delivery, you can get your health on track from home without needing to juggle doctor’s appointments and script collection. 

Ready to speak to a doctor who gets it? Book an online consult to discuss plant-based options. 

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