While consultations may look a little different as the world becomes more digitalised, the goal remains the same: a collaborative relationship between you and your health professional. Preparing for your consultation makes sure that you make the most of this relationship, and work together towards better health outcomes. 

Anxious about what to say in your next appointment? Here’s a rundown of what to expect in a follow up appointment so you can feel prepared and confident going into the discussion. 

When should I schedule a follow up appointment? 

It’s a good idea to check in with a doctor 4–6 weeks after your initial appointment to discuss how your treatment has been working and if you’ve experienced any side effects. Your doctor will decide if they need to make any changes to your treatment plan, such as adjusting the dosage. 

What is a treatment plan? 

A treatment plan is a roadmap guiding patients through their recovery or management of health issues. At the end of your initial consult, your doctor may have discussed which medication they would prescribe and when to take it. 

A treatment plan is the reference point your health professional will use during follow up appointments to make sure you’re on the right path. Here’s why it’s important: 

How do I keep track of a treatment plan? 

Keeping a record of your experiences with your treatment may be helpful so you are prepared to discuss what has or hasn’t worked with the doctor in your follow-up appointment. 

Track your experiences with the treatment by keeping a health journal. This could be as easy as writing down your dosage, time of day, how you felt while using the treatment (physically and mentally) and any side effects you experienced. You may start noticing patterns and you can take note of any overall improvements. 

Why follow up consults matter 

Follow-up appointments are not just a routine. They’re an essential part of your health journey. Here’s why: 

Now, you might wonder, what if I forget something? Or, how do I convey everything in a telehealth appointment? Here’s where preparation steps in. 

How do I prepare for a follow up appointment? 

Here are just some of the ways you can prepare for your follow up appointment

Before the appointment 

During the appointment 

After the appointment 

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